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The following comments are extracted from the visitor's book at the B & B Inn, Tabuan Road, Kuching.

Mulu National Park

"Go there! It's well worth it and it doesn't have to be expensive. The flight from Miri is RM 70 one way, and its a beautiful trip in a small 19 seater plane. Stay at the private hostel (RM 10) just outside the park HQ. Park and guide fees are not a lot, and if you just want to visit the four major caves you don't need to hire expensive longboats. You can simply walk. There is a jungle trail and plankwalk leading to Clearwater Cave. If you want to see the Sarawak Chamber or the Pinnacles it starts to get expensive, but get a small group together to share boat and guide fees and its not more expensive than other major sights."

"We went to Mulu as a group of four and did a 4 day/3 night visit to the caves and the Pinnacles for RM 225 each plus RM 140 for the plane. This compares favourably with the tour price of around RM 400. While there we joined a tour group to go to the Pinnacles, which we needed as we were not self sufficient in food and cooking utensils. The guide bought, carried and cooked the food for us for 3 days for RM 65 each. We also paid RM 85 for the longboat."

"If you want to see the Mulu Caves, it is advisable for you to go on a package (cheaper) rather than as an individual (more expensive). A 3 day/2 night package (Deer Cave, Clearwater Cave, Lang's Cave and Wind Cave cost us RM 350 per person."

"I really enjoyed Mulu, it was well worth it. Camp 5 is in a lovely setting beside a clear river that is good for plunging into after coming down from the Pinnacles! By the way, don't do the Pinnacles if you don't enjoy inflicting physical punishment on yourself and if you don't like heights."

Niah National Park

"Niah is a nice place, but its nothing compared to the caves at Mulu. Great accommodation in the new hostel (RM 10), its worth going there just because of that."

"Accommodation is cheap at Niah National Park. Only RM 10 per person per night and everything is brand new. A nice place to relax and enjoy the silence."


"Baram River & Kayan Longhouses. A Must. Wild tuak (rice wine) drinking sessions. Hang around in Marudi or Long Lama until a friendly local asks you to their house. It doesn't take long."

"For travellers do not miss out on a trip to a longhouse, try to stay for several days, it is un unforgettable experience. A trip out to see the Rafflesia at Gunung Gading National park is also a highlight, call to find out if they are blooming. In any case the area is beautiful. Bako National Park, another must see, the proboscis monkey is a marvel."

Thanks to Mr Goh Yau Ping for allowing Sarawak Alive to borrow B & B Inn's visitor book.

1st & 2nd Floor,
30-1 Jalan Tabuan, Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 082-237366. Fax: 082-238398
RM 15 in a 6-bed dormitory. RM 23-31 (fan). RM 29-39 (air-con). Includes a light breakfast.

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