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The 'New Look' Steakhouse

In late June 1998 the Steakhouse re-opened with a new look and new concept. The previous decor placed emphasis on dark wooden furniture and wooden wall panels, creating a formal dining environment similar to the dining room of a gentlemen's club. In contrast the 'new look' Steakhouse is full of vibrant colours and new fabrics. A traditional fine dining set-up has given way to a modern setting more in tune with dawn of the next millennium.

The mood and ambiance of the Steakhouse is now more relaxed but the restaurant's tradition of fine dining remains. The waiters may have switched from a black and whites to a more casual denim look but the service in the Steakhouse remains the best in town. One thing that has not changed at the Steakhouse is the quality of the food. With Chef Theo's menu of innovative cuisine the Steakhouse continues to offer the best Western cuisine in Kuching and the restaurant's refreshing new look certainly adds to the whole dining experience.


Photos courtesy of J&L House of Photography

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