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Similajau Fact File

Getting There

Similajau National Park is located 20 kilometres north-east of the town of Bintulu. A road leads to the park HQ. There is no regular bus service to the park so independent travellers have to take a taxi from Bintulu. Tel: 086-332009 for Bintulu Taxi Station. The journey from Bintulu to the park HQ takes approximately half an hour. Expect to pay RM 40 for a Bintulu to Similajau trip and RM 60 for the return trip if you have call a taxi from the Park HQ. Travel operators also offer tours to the park. Note that Similajau is very popular at weekends. The park HQ area is often heaving with families and noisy crowds of picnickers. If you want a back-to-nature experience, go during the week.

The Park Headquarters

Upon arrival visitors are required to register at the Park HQ (086-391284). Next to the registration counter there is a good information centre. The Park HQ also has a canteen which sells basic meals and drinks. It is usually only open at weekends. If you are staying during the week make sure you stock up on food supplies in Bintulu before proceeding to the park.

Accommodation Facilities

Both individual chalet units (RM 120, or RM 60 per room) and hostel accommodation (RM 10 per person, RM 40 per room) are available at the park headquarters. Accommodation bookings can be made in Bintulu or directly with the Park HQ.

National Parks Booking Office (Bintulu),
Section Forest Office,
97000 Bintulu,
Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 086-331117 ext. 50 Fax: 086-331923

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 0800 hrs - 12.45 hrs 1400 hrs - 1615 hrs
Friday 0800 hrs - 1130 hrs 1430 hrs - 1645 hrs
Saturday 0800 hrs - 1245 hrs

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