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Dennis Lau

Book Projects

1994 "Singapore and Malaysia" - Archipelago Guides
"Crafts of Malaysia" - Archipelago Press
"This is Borneo" - New Holland Press in association with WWF Malaysia
1992 "Abode of Peace", 25 of Asia's top photographers on Brunei
"Eyes - An artistic Journey through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations" - the book for the "Eyes on ASEAN" Exhibition
1990 "Malaysia - the Heart of Southeast Asia" - Archipelago Press
1987 "Penans - The Vanishing Nomads of Borneo", a photo essay on the Penans that received critical acclaim -

Lau is an unobtrusive photographer. His years of releasing the shutter in the far-flung interior of Sarawak have made him an acute social observer whose subjects seem to respect him as he does them. Hence, the sense of empathy, as one looks at the pictures, is all the greater".

The Far Eastern Economic Review

"An entrancing collection of photographs of the Sarawak Penan people taken over the last 20 years by Dennis Lau, an award winning photographer.....the pictures speak mostly loudly in and for themselves".

Journal of South-East Asian Studies, Singapore

Visitor Guides

1995-1998 "The Official Kuching Guide", a user-friendly city guide featuring over sixty photo images of Kuching and the surrounding area
1997 The Official Damai Guide", a user-friendly guide to Damai.


1997 "Adventure Images", a range of Colour and Black & White postcard images of Sarawak's people and the natural wonders of Sarawak's National Parks.

International Magazines and Journals

Far Eastern Economic Review
Mission Aktuell
GEO Special
Men's Review
Sarawak Gazette
Sarawak Impressions


1995 "The Melanau Way of Life" - photographic exhibition in Sarawak Museum
1994 "Gawai Antu" - photographic exhibition depicting the Iban Feast of the Dead, Kuching Hilton (with 2 other photographers)
1992-3 "Eyes on ASEAN" - photographic exhibition throughout the capitals of Southeast Asia.
1992 "Peoples of Sarawak" - photographic exhibition at the Commonwealth Institute, London.
1990 "Arte & Marteria 1990" - Singapore National Museum Art Gallery
1987 "Penans - The Vanishing Nomads of Borneo" - one man Show at G.C.M., Miri
1985 "Max & Dennis - Adventure on the Wild River of Sabah" - sketch and photo exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.
1972 One man Show at G.C.M, Miri.
1970 One man Show at the British Council, Kuching.
1962 "FIAP, VII BIENNALE ATHENS" - one of the 15 exhibitors of Sarawak Photographic Society. The winner of the Asia Cup.

Works exhibited in international salons in Australia, Brunei, England, India, Indonesia, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.

Newspaper Photo-Columns and Features

Borneo Bulletin, Brunei. Weekend Photo-Column called "Dennis Lau's Borneo"

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