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Until the early 1990's travellers wishing to visit a longhouse had two accommodation options; either stay in the longhouse itself or in a lodge located next to the longhouse. Nowadays there is a third option - stay in a Longhouse Resort'. This exclusively Sarawakian concept enables visitors to stay in an upriver area whilst enjoying the comforts of a modern resort-style hotel. There are now three longhouse resorts in Sarawak. The most popular is the award-winning Hilton International Batang Ai Longhouse Resort, located 275 kilometres from Kuching.

Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort occupies a 20 hectare site on the shores of the Batang Ai hydro lake. The resort opened in August 1994 and offers 100 air-conditioned rooms built in traditional longhouse style. These guest rooms are located in eleven wooden 'longhouses' which are raised on stilts and connected by a wooden platform which snakes its way around the resort. Other facilities include a restaurant, function rooms, a bar/lounge, a children's game centre, a karaoke room, a swimming pool and an outdoor activity centre.

Where the resort really comes into its own is with respect to recreational activities. The most popular activities are upriver excursions to Iban longhouses and nature treks in the surrounding forest. The resort's resident naturalist, Winston Marshall, is a mine of information and his escorted jungle walks are an educational rainforest experience. The nearby Batang Ai National Park is also home to a relatively large population of orang utans. Orang Utan spotting treks can be arranged but these usually require an overnight stay either in an upriver lodge or at a riverside campsite. Although it is quite common to find Orang Utan nests, luck plays a part in seeing a wild Orang Utan.


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Kuching Hilton
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
P.O. Box 2396
93748 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 60-82-248200
Fax: 60-82-428984

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